Spray Foam Insulation

CPI Spray Foam Insulation


  • Spray foam insulation has brought new levels of air tightness, energy efficiency, and a new level of creativity to those in the professional building industry.

  • CPI Foam Ltd offers a selection of various products that assure builders and architects freedom in their designs, structural integrity, simplified construction, and more.

  • The entire building process will benefit from CPI Foam Limited's Spray Foam Solutions.

Types of spray foam insulation

  • There are two types of spray foam insulation, open cell spray foam and closed cell spray foam.

  • Open cell spray foam

  • Open cell spray foam as the name suggests consists of cells that expand and are partially open and allow water vapour to pass through.

  • Open cell spray foam is used in applications such as attic insulation, floor insulation and roof insulation where water vapour needs to leave the structure.

  • Open cell spray foam, when used with a specially designed NSAI Certified breathable Ventilation Card complies to the latest building regulations as an air gap can be formed between the felt and the foam to allow air to circulate and allow the timbers to breathe.

  • open cell spray foam insulation

  • E:500 Open Cell "breathable" insulation foam is spray-applied on the job site. As it is sprayed, it increases in volume up to 100-120 times, providing a fully adhered and airtight insulation layer, preventing frozen pipes in winter and keeping your home warm and cosy.

  • Because it is sprayed, the foam fits all shapes, corners, and cavities perfectly. Our system is totally breathable due to the use of our own fully breathable Vent Card as seen in the breathable vent card diagram link below. This card allows us to create an air gap as per Building Regulations.

  • Closed cell spray foam

  • Closed cell spray foam expands less than open cell and is more compact and ridged. It is typically used to insulate steel and concrete can be used indoors and outdoors.

  • Closed cell spray foam is the foam of choice for agricultural, commercial and industrial insulation. There are various densities available so any level of insulation of fire ratring can be achieved.

  • Closed cell spray foam insulation

Attic Insulation

Spray foam insulation gives the advantage of sealing even the tightest of corners, and hardest to reach places

Wall Insulation

Spray foam insulation can be used to fill the between you walls. Check with contractors to see if your wall are suitable

Roof Insulation

Insulating in-between the rafters of your home with spray foam is a cost effective and beneficial way of saving money

Spray foam insulation

Shed Insulation

Closed cell spray foam is the best form of insulation for any steel structure, agricultural and commercial.

Boat Insulation

Its efficiency in both time taken to apply it and the finished quality keeps it miles ahead of traditional sheet insulation

Floor Insulation

Insulating between the rafters of your floor shows a significant decrease in heat loss from your home.



We supply and repair all equipment used in spray foam insulation applications. We also provide full rig fitout for contractors.



CPI Spray Foam Insulation provides full training for contractors. Health and safety courses are also available.



Spray foam insulation resources are available for contractors, architects and builders.