How much does attic insulation cost in Ireland?

How much does attic insulation cost in Ireland FAQ's?

The cost of attic insulation depends on a number of factors:

1. The area that you require to be insulated.
2. The depth of insulation required.
3. How easy the attic or loft is to access.
4. If it's just for insulation or for an attic or loft conversion.
5. The type of insulation that you use.

Yes you do unless your roof is counter battened.

Irish building regulations require a 50mm air gap to allow the structure to 'breathe'. This allows water vapour to escape to the outside air preventing the harmful buildup of damp and mold.

Yes we have developed a unique breathable vent card system that is rigid and long lasting and meets the highest building standards.

Breathable Vent Card

All our contractors have been trained to install the vent cards.

The cost of attic insulation per square meter (m2) will depend once again on the depth, area, use of attic and whether vent cards are required.

Yes we do, we use an open cell foam EZero E500 Foam NSAI Cert No. 11/0365.

nsai certificate

Yes the government via the SEAI has grants for insulation. There is a €400 grant for attic insulation. Ask your contractor for help applying for the grant or visit the SEAI Guide.

Roof Insulated with Spray Foam INsulation

Airtight Walls and roof with open cel spray foam

New build now airtight with spray foam insulation

Roos are costed by sq meter