What is Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation?

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Open cell spray foam insulation is one of the most versatile insulation materials on the Irish market today. It is used in residential, attic, loft, floor, wall and roof insulation and is sprayed onsite using a spray gun.

The foam itself expands to over 200 times its size allowing it to find every nook and cranny which created an airtight seal prevent heat loss and regulating the temperature.

Benefits of Open Cell Spray Foam

  • 1. Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation is very quick to apply.
  • 2. Open Cell reaches those hard to reach areas other insulation materials find hard to reach.
  • 3. Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation is ‘breathable’ allowing water vapour to escape your structure.
  • 4. Open Cell’s ‘breathability’ helps prevent the buildup of harmful damp and mold.
  • 5. Open Cell’s can be sprayed straight on to roofing felt if the roof has been counter battened.
  • 6. Unlike some other insulation materials, open cell spray foam will remain airtight throughout the lifetime of your home or office.
    7. Open Cell spray foam insulation is fast becoming the insulation material of choice for attic conversions as insulated bloard can be attached to the rafters once the foam has been applied between the rafters, creating an airtight seal and a new livable area.

    Open Cell Foam Insulation Applications

  • 1. Attics or Lofts are the most commonly insulated areas using open cell spray foam. Open cell spray foam insulation, due to its expansion gets into to every area in the attic creating an airtight seal, reducing heat loss and producing a better BER.
  • 2. Internal wall insulation when insulated with open cell helps reduce heat loss and also helps with sound insulation. Often used in new builds or timber frame construction, its quick to apply and very long lasting.
  • 3. Floor insulation is often overlooked as an area to insulate but up to 15% of your homes heat loss is through the floor. We lift up the boards and are able to fill the gaps quickly and efficiently filling every gap.
  • 4. Roof insulation under the slates and tiles is a very difficult area to get to with traditional insulation materials but with open cell spray foam we can reach those hard to get to areas creating an airtight seal.
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