How much does spray foam insulation cost in Ireland?

To determine the costs of spray foam insulation in Ireland firstly we need to ask a few questions.

1. What do you want to insulate with spray foam insulation?

The costs of insulating with spray foam will vary depending on what you are insulating. If you are insulating an attic/loft, a floor, wall or roof in a residential home then you will use open cell spray foam insulation. If you are insulating a metal shed, industrial pipes, storage container or a shipping container then you’ll use closed cell spray foam. So the type of foam used affects the price as well as what you want to insulate.

2. What size is the area that you want to insulate?

The is an obvious one but the size of the areas you want to insulate will determine the unit cost per foot or meter. The economies of scale apply when working out the price if spray foam insulation, as a rule of thumb the larger the area the lower the costs.

3. What depth of insulation do you require?

The depth of insulation you apply will affect the costs as the greater the depth the higher the price. With the Building Energy Ratings now applying to almost all buildings, understanding how to reach your desired BER will affect the amount of spray foam that needs to be applied.

4. Do building regulations require that I need a 50mm air gap?

2019 Building Regulations state that a 50 mm air gap be maintained between the roofing felt and the membrane of insulation material. In order to determine whether you need an air gap firstly find out if your roof was counter battened or not. If it was counter battened you can apply the open cell spray foam insulation directly to the roofing felt. If your roof was not counter battened then you will need to apply a breathable vent card in between your rafters prior to applying the foam. This will add some extra costs to the job.

5. How easy is the area you need to insulate to access?

If, for example, you require a shed roof or some industrial pipes to be insulated with restricted access then there will be some extra cost for scaffolding or a cherry picker.

6. How much time does the contractor spends on the job?

The less transport time spent going to and from the job can affect the costs as will the amount of time spent doing the job itself. We recommend using a contractor that is based near you.

All of these factors will determine the cost. If you would like to get an accurate quote please contact us or fill in the form below providing us with as much detail as possible and we will get the best contractor available to get back to with the costs.

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