What is the cost of spray foam per sq foot in Ireland?

The cost of spray foam insulation per sq foot or sq meter is determined by a number of factors.

1 What type of spray foam is required, is it open cell or closed cell?

There are 2 main types of spray foam used in ireland, open cell and closed cell. Open cell spray foam is used primarily in office or residential applications. Closed cell spray foam insulation is used in commercial and industrial applications or on containers, farm sheds etc. So the use of the foam will determine the cost.

2 What size area are you insulating?

The economies of scale apply when figuring out the cost of spray foam insulation. The larger the area the lower unit cost per sq foot or meter.

3 The depth of foam required will affect the price of spray foam.

The more layers of foam applied the more foam required.

4 The ease of access to the area tro be insulated.

If you are insulating a farm shed, will scaffolding or a cherry picker be required? If it is this will add to the costs of spraying the shed.

5 There is of course the labour costs of the contractor to added on top of the foam itself with will add to the price.

Spray foam is famously quick to apply so labour costs are generally less that for other insulation materials.

As a rule of thumb the cost of spray foam insulation per sq foot or per sq meter is often not the best question to ask. Rather ask how much does it cost to insulate my shed or attic? Then give a square foot or square meter area and tell the contractor the depth required and the ease of access.

Roof Insulated with Spray Foam INsulation

Airtight Walls and roof with open cel spray foam

New build now airtight with spray foam insulation

Roos are costed by sq meter