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Attic Insulation to Farm Shed Insulation in Cavan

Looking for a home insulation or commercial insulation professional in Co. Cavan? CPI Spray Foam Insulation has a nationwide network of local contractors with some near you in Cavan, (see below) all use NSAI approved products.

Attic insulation and building standards

We have developed an attic insulation system that meets the latest Building Standard requirement that a 50mm air gap must be maintained between the roofing felt and the insulation material. We achieve this by applying our uniquely designed breathable vent card 50mm from the felt, allowing for moisture to pass through the foam meeting the flow of air from the outside and transporting the moisture outside the building. This prevents the buildup of harmful mold and damp creating a healthy warm environment for you and your family.

Commercial insulation farm sheds

Closed cell spray foam insulation is the most cost effective and easy to apply insulation solution for shed or any metal or concrete surface. If you are looking to reduce condensation or regulate the temperature, spray foam is the ideal choice.

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Yes we have an attic insulation contractor in Cavan, we supply a nationwide network of contractors that are professional home and commercial insulation contractors. Let us know where you live and we'll find the best contractor for the job nearest to your location.

Yes we use NSAI certified foam, our foam is tested for Irish conditions and meets the highest standards.

Yes we have a 25 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Yes the government via the SEAI provides grants for insulation, the grant for attic insulation is €400. Ask your SEAI registered contractor to help you with the grant applications.

Once spray foam insulation has been applied and the area ventilated the foam is inert and safe. The amount of time it takes to ventilate an area will depend on the area. So open windows and doors after the foam has been applied to increase the ventilation and ask the contractor how long it will take to ventilate.

You do require a 50mm gap if your roof is not counter battened. We use a breathable vent card to create the gap if you require one, our system meets Irish Building Standards. Ask the contractor if you need to use the breathable vent card system. See image of the breathable vent card system opposite.

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Prevent damp and mold while maintaining an airtight seal

Below are a list of Contractors NSAI certified to use CPI Spray Foam Insulation products in Cavan.

List of insulation contractors Cavan

  • Bioinsulate Spray Foam Insulation

    Bioinsulate Insulation

    Polyurethane spray foam insulation has revolutionised the building industry with unrivalled levels of airtightness, expanding foam into every nook and cranny creating a continuous airtight building envelope.

  • Tralas Spray Foam

    Address: 6 Kilmacormick Drive Enniskillen Fermanagh BT74 6EP

    Tralas Insulation

    Tralas Spray Foam Based in Enniskillen Fermanagh provide a comprehensive Commercial and home insulation service. Experts in attic insulation and wall insulation using spray foam insulation.

  • Meegan Insulations Ltd

    Address: Meegan Insulations, Drummond, Inniskeen, Dundalk, Louth

    Megan Insulation

    Meegan Insulations Ltd of Inniskeen, Dundalk, Louth, provide a wide range of insulation services including spray foam attic insulation, wall insulation, floor insulation and timber frame insulation.

  • Cooper Insulation

    Address: Carlanstown Kells Meath Ireland

    Cooper Insulation

    Cooper Insulation are based in Kells, Meath services include wall in sulation, attic insulation, dormer insulation and timber frame insulation. Nationwide coverage.